Delicious Flavors for you to savor

Simple ingredients! Simply Good!

Sassy Lassi is available in six tempting flavors. This drinkable yogurt is made with just 3-4 ingredients. Grade A Pasteurized Milk is lovingly slow-cultured to a natural yogurt that is flavored with real fruit or vegetable and a tad bit of cane sugar.

Love fruit? Choose from the super sensational “heaven in a pouch” Mango Sassy Lassi, the Strawberry Sassy Lassi that tastes like “melted ice cream”, or our “being-on-the-beach” Pineapple Sassy Lassi. Sip it for breakfast in its virgin form, or spike it with your favorite alcohol for your evening party!. Health conscious? Pick our Celery Sassy Lassi flavor! It will make you wonder if Celery ever tasted this good! Cool, creamy yogurt, blended with fresh celery to make a lip-smacking taste that has customers saying “wow, wow!"

Want to indulge your senses and feel like royalty? Choose our super-yummy, "feel good" Rose flavored Sassy Lassi. It will make your day! No sugar? We've got you covered there too! Our Plain Sassy Lassi is satisfying, robust, and clean tasting, with no thickening agents, fillers or “mouth feel” ingredients. Just the real thing! Sassy Lassi is packed with natural protein, rich in calcium and a smooth tasting, velvety product that goes over well with the very young, young and not-so-young!

natural rose flavored yogurt


The exotic and natural rose flavored
Sassy Lassi will keep you hooked.

mango flavored yogurt


A splash of summertime mangoes for a
special mango flavored Sassy Lassi special.

strawberry flavored yogurt


Real strawberries with antioxidants add
to the goodness of this high protein yogurt.

pineapple flavored yogurt


Enjoy the tropical flavor of a
pineapple as a convenient drinkable yogurt.

celery low fat yogurt


A low fat yogurt combined with the
tanginess of celery. What’s not to love!

plain sassy lassi


Plain Sassy Lassi Yogurt is as good as
simplicity gets – for a taste of ancient India!